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Bridge Lessons

Bridge lessons from beginning through advanced play, taught by well-qualified, certified instructors, are available at the Bridge Club of Lexington.  These lessons are applicable whether you want to play "Party Bridge" at home, want to start playing at a Bridge Center, or play on the Internet.  Bridge basics apply equally to "Rubber Bridge" or "Duplicate Bridge."

Topics have included:  EasyBridge!, Defense, Bidding in the 21st century, Play of the Hand, 2/1 Game Force, Doubles

Please call the club 859-245-9770 for any questions, or contact the instructors.  Instructors are also available for private groups and individual help.

Upcoming Classes

  • Please call for the latest schedule of classes



Donna Loeffler

(Mike and) Sandra Marlin


Mary Bell


Tom and Kathy Stanwix-Hay


Darryl Bennet


Jackie Merkel




Carole Fox



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