Board of Directors


The following five Officers constitute the Bridge Club of Lexington Board of Directors who, collectively, are responsible for the day-to-day, year-to-year management and operation of the Club.  Officers are elected in November and serve from the following January 1st for two years.  Not all officers are elected in the same year to provide for continuity from year to year.





Sondra Holt

         Manage All Club Functions and Operations

         Primary Interface to Unit 164, District 11 and ACBL

         Develop Monthly Calendar

Vice President

Chuck Dean

         Assist the President to Manage All Club Functions and Operations

         Interface with Directors

         Author Monthly "Alert" Newsletter

         Post Monthly Calendar to Website


Ken Katen

         Transcribe the Board Minutes

         Coordinate Bridge Class Calendar


Tom Spielman

         Manage Club Finances and Checkbook

         Pay Club Payroll & Expenses

         Produce Monthly Financial Reports

Facilities Manager

Mike McCann

         Manage Club Physical Facilities

         Maintain Club Computer & ACBL Score

         Interface with Property Landlord

         Prepare Quarterly & Annual Tax Returns

         Prepare Monthly Payroll & Tax Reports

         Maintain Club Website

         Maintain Club Google Group Listing